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An intimate look at the humans of Jasper, Canada

Welcome to Jasper, Canada's base of adventure

From here, depart the curious and free-spirited.
The restless of mind and body. The explorers and wanderers whose destination awaits one adventure beyond.

From here, set out the scouts of wild and amazing. 
The protectors of a disappearing natural world.  The searchers of a beauty beyond imagination.

From here, set off the true outsiders:  
Those who slice frozen paths and ascend high trails.  
Those who take on the unexplored caves and canyons and cliffs. 

From here, the greatest personal expeditions begin.  
Where the little voice in your head can be heard echoing through our valleys: “Go beyond, go explore.”

For here is the base of adventure. 

Welcome those prepared to Venture Beyond.

Who are we?

We are Jasper’s storytellers. 

Our role is to present Jasper as it really is: an awe-inspiring and authentic Rocky Mountain destination – the entry point to Canada’s most epic adventures. It is from here that the greatest personal expeditions begin; where explorers and wanderers from around the world collect to enjoy the activities, accommodations, restaurants, and businesses of the town of Jasper, before taking on the real Canadian Rockies of Jasper National Park. 

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